September 2015: Summer Recap and Fall Preview

Scott OwensGeorgia Fishing Reports

Summer is winding down here in the Golden Isles and fall fishing is starting to heat up. Tarpon are still around, and after a strong start to the season, the past few weeks these fish have been on the move with the cold fronts and weather swings. They are very catchable, just remember every day is a new puzzle and yesterdays action may not be relavant today. The bait and the fish are on the move, and you have to do the same to find them each day. The big jacks have been out patrolling the beaches the past couple of months and are really a target of opportunity, so always be prepared for these bruisers. Big plugs and flies are sure to get their attention and these guys will test any anglers stamina.

Shallow water redfishing has been really good for the summer months with happy groups of fish a regular sight. On the flood tides they have been tailing good and crushing flies. This type of fishing has become more popular in our area so certain areas are seeing a good bit of pressure. If there are 3 boats poling an area, you are better off going elsewhere as the tailing fish do not like being beat on day after day.

Trout and flounder fishing seems to be improving daily as we had some really good action this past week. Captain Scott worked the flounder over pretty well this morning as a matter of fact.

With the fall season rolling around, expect the inshore fishing to be excellent overall, and the bull redfishing just off the beaches should be wide open very soon as well. Get down to the coast and enjoy what the golden isles has to offer.

9-15 st