2019 fishing report St. Simons Island and Coastal Georgia

Scott Owens Georgia Fishing Reports

Well 2018 has come and gone and we are now into the second week of 2019.  The New year brings promise with a mild winter so far and lots of rain.  This new year fishing report isn’t really about what has been as much as with is to come.  As we watch these short winter days come and go we …

St. Simons Island Tarpon fishing report for June 2018

Scott Owens Georgia Fishing Reports

It’s no secret that St. Simons Island Georgia has some great Tarpon fishing in the summer months.  Jekyll Island, Sea Island, and Cumberland Island also boast some awesome tarpon action during summer as well.  Weather you are a bait guy, love to throw artificial, or fling feathers on the fly rod we have you covered!  There are still a few …

St Simons Fishing Report Spring 2018

Coastal Georgia Fishing Report Spring 2018

Scott Owens Georgia Fishing Reports

Coastal Georgia Fishing Report Spring 2018 Fishing report March and early April 2018. With winter still trying to hold onto every day it can, spring here in Coastal Georgia has become a longer than normal season this year. Fishing has been for the most part rather good however with both inshore and near shore trips.  Trout, Reds, sheepshead, black drum, …

Sea Island Georgia fishing trips

St Simons Islands Fishing Report February 2018

Scott Owens Georgia Fishing Reports

February is here and its one of our favorite times to shallow water fish and sight fish for redfish here in Coastal Georgia.  St Simons Islands Fishing Guide Report February 2018 here we go!! Sure it’s cool out and mornings can be a little cold but this is the time of year when the waters around Coastal Georgia are clear …

Winter fun time fishing when we are not freezing!!

Scott Owens Georgia Fishing Reports

Winter fishing is a fun time when it’s not so cold we all are freezing, fish included. The 2017/18 year resembles that of the 2009/10 freeze in a lot of ways and we are only 16 days into January. I have seen freezing rain turn into a full on ice storm and it snowed here on the Georgia Coast for …

Fall is upon us! Bull Reds – Tarpon fishing recap

Scott Owens Georgia Fishing Reports

Fall is upon us! Bull Reds – Tarpon fishing recap Fall is upon us and while summer is all but over I sit back and look at the high light real of photos  from the summer season.  I realize there were so many incredible days with some amazing clients.  Tarpon fishing started off really strong with most days averaging 3 for …

Florida Keys

Florida Keys tarpon, bonefish, and permit fishing report May

Scott Owens Florida Fishing Reports

Florida Keys fishing Like the Tarpon I have made my spring migration down to my home in the lower Florida Keys.  It’s been a great start to tarpon season this May and the bonefish and permit have also been eager to play.  Well placed flies have fooled ocean side tarpon while live shrimp and crabs have proved affective for bonefish …

Inshore Fishing in St. Simons Island is HOT!!!

Scott Owens Georgia Fishing Reports

Inshore Fishing in St. Simons Island Over the past month or so we have been wide open here at Southeastern Angling.  We made it through the windy month of April and early May, while producing solid catches for our light tackle and fly anglers even on the tough tide cycles.  Inshore fishing over the past 2 weeks has seen the …

St. Simons Island Fishing

Georgia Fishing? Read before you go fishing again!

Scott Owens Captain's Journal

Georgia Fishing When guiding Georgia fishing trips I get asked quite often why are we fishing here? There’s no one real answer, but many instead. As a guide I spend roughly 275 days a year on the water. These days can be sunny and with near perfect conditions, or they can be days that it’s cloudy and the wind is …

St Simons Island fishing

St. Simons Island Fishing report March See what we do to over come the odds!

Scott Owens Georgia Fishing Reports

St. Simons Island Fishing Report for inshore redfish, black drum, and trout. Fishing has continued to be steady with crazy warm weather this winter.  Lots of smaller trout are around and provide steady action most days while redfish and black drum can be found around oysters on outgoing tides.  The waters around St. Simons Island, Sea Island, and Jekyll Island …